Painting on the wood: my Les Paul “Journey” finished

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8set13 lespaul_24

My work as a painting on maple body of this Les Paul Gibson was completed by a talented luthier in Bristol, who assembled this masterpiece. I can not let you hear how it sounds, but this guitar is truly a sight!

8set13 lespaul_13

8set13 lespaul_25

8set13 lespaul_32

8set13 lespaul_16

8set13 lespaul_23


Friedrich in gradation

Rolled zentangles!


5 thoughts on “Painting on the wood: my Les Paul “Journey” finished”

    • Hi Michael! The cost it’s around £ 2.500, Di Marzio humbuckers, painted by me, refinished and assembled by Dave Rowsling Guitars Luthiers. It’s a unique piece!

        • Hi Michael, I’m waiting the new one from UK, as soon as possible I’ll post my new painted guitar, I hope you’ll like it as well! Keep in touch!


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