Friedrich in gradation

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fried duo

The Romantic works of Friedrich lend themselves to an interpretation of the landscape that can be divided into a value scale.
In these two exercises Friedrich’s paintings were traced on tracing paper with a pencil and the drawing thus obtained was then traced on a white sheet.
We started with acrylic paint starting from the lightest color and then we added more and more blue, to get the blue tonal gradation. from then on we added small amounts of black up to the saturated black.







Small Kandinsky with oil pastels

Painting on the wood: my Les Paul “Journey” finished


12 thoughts on “Friedrich in gradation”

  1. Miriam, this is awesome!! This is a great project to combine a little art history with a color value exercise. I’m totally going to do this with my 8th grade students.

    • Hi Natalie! I’m thinking about lessons of Art History combined with Color Theory… I’m ready for other suggestions, if you have some new ideas share them with me;) Thanks for your comment!

    • ciao Romina, effettivamente questo lavoro è abbastanza avanzato, si fa con gli studenti di terza media che hanno un po’ più di esperienza con la pittura e la sintesi delle forme…

  2. Impressive, yet easy concept for students to grasp. I think students would gain a lot of self confidence from doing this project. Lovely!


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