Instructions for tiles decorated with pasta

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Some teachers have asked me to draw some simple instructions for making ceramic tiles decorated with pasta. Here is an instruction sheet for use even with younger children … I hope you find it useful!



An Egyptian sarcophagus ceramic

My name in a disc


6 thoughts on “Instructions for tiles decorated with pasta”

  1. Really great project!! I am hoping to do it with my art students, but am going to have to modify the directions to use air dry clay instead since we don’t have a kiln.
    Great blog, will be checking back!

    • Hi Marcy! I think you’ll make a great work even with air dry clay! then will be possible to paint with acrylic colors and glaze with varnish. What do you think?

      • Yes, I think the acrylics will work great & I was thinking of adding a gloss medium to the paint and applying it like a glaze. I am going to experiment with the impressions. I may dip the pasta in some black paint and then press it into the clay. This approach may be direct enough for my youngest students who are 5.
        Thanks again for your great blog & I love that I am talking to you all the way from northern California!!!


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