Pop-Up Italian Roman arenas

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On May 19, I led a “pop-up card workshop” to teach how to build a card pop-up inspired by roman arenas, particularly by the Colosseum in Rome and the Arena in Verona. The Workshop was organized by the Italian Cultural Centre of Bristol and involved a dozen children who have designed, cut out and built their imaginative and colorful pop-up arena.



A gift for the teachers? A group painting!

The paper bags made of clay


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  2. These are beautiful. I would love to use this for an architectural unit and let each student choose a famous building and create a pop up! Your blog is inspiring.

    • Hi Dawn! Of course you can use the idea for every kind of monument in the world! please, if you realize new pop up with monuments, show me your works! Keep in touch!

  3. Do you have the instructions as to how to create the pop up cards? We are having Rome day and I think it would be fun to create these in class. Thank you!


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