Three dimensional Mirò


I thought of a way to create a three-dimensional structure with the characteristic drawings by Joan Miro, which are specifically two-dimensional. Students have copied some drawings by Miró with a black permanent marker on cardboards recycled from boxes of corn flakes. Afterwards they have painted the drawings with acrylic paint, and when the cards have dried, the students have also painted the back with the same solid colors. The funniest part was assembling the small paintings in three-dimensional structures, cutting the cardboard at the connection points and adding a little ‘glue when necessary. Check out my video tutorial:

Here the pictures step by step:










mirò3D 2mirò3D 1

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  1. Loni Lara Viegas. says

    I love it!

  2. Cheryl Hancock says

    Love them!! Doing the same project at the moment !!!
    Kids really enjoying the idea. we assemble them tomorrow!!

    • Wow! Please, if it’s possible show me you works… it’s really interesting for me to see other experiences, with different children, ages and methods!

  3. I like it. I share in my blog

  4. Precioso trabajo!!!! Me encanta !!!

  5. Me ha encantado esta idea de Miró. Voy a probarla con mis alumnos. Muchas gracias por compartirla

    • Hi Belèn! Thanks for your comment! Sono sicura che sarà un lavoro bellissimo e i tuoi alunni si divertiranno molto! Credo che puoi comprendere anche la lingua italiana 😉 a presto!

  6. Fantastic work! How long did they take for the children to complete it? Thanks

    • Hi Kakun! Children have taken about one hour for the drawings, and another hour to cut them out and assemble them together 🙂

  7. I love the blog, showed the video to my students. They love it. We will create the sculptures.

    • Hi Merril! I think is the first time that we meet each other, so, nice to meet you! I’m very proud to know that other teachers and students around the world are following my web site and use the ideas in it. Where are your School? Is it Primary or Secondary? And where are you from? We have the same surname Moser here in North Italy, do you have some relatives here? Ok, stop questions and happy Art to you! 😀

      • I am from south Texas and teach 6,7, and 8th grade in Donna, Texas at Veterans Middle School. My husband’s family is originally from Germany, but they lived in Russia for 100 years before immigrating to the USA. We completed the sculptures, such fun. We post our art on

        • Hi Merrill!Your family’s story is really interesting! Do you know some German language too? I’m so happy to share projects around the world, I’ve never thought about such a spread of my ideas! Thanks a lot for your message and precious feedback. Do you have any specific link about your sculptures? I would like to see them, I tried to find them but is so huge! Where can I find your works? I’m curious!! 🙂

  8. I did this and the Miro’ printing lesson with my students. The students loved both lessons. Thanks for sharing.

  9. With what age group did you do this project?

    • I did it with a small group of students 13 years old, after teaching them abstracts and surrealism. But I think it could be done even with smaller kids, because Mirò is easy to copy. 🙂

  10. thanks for sharing my idea and for the link on my web site, I’m very glad to know that other schools, children and teachers, are using my suggestions. See you soon on the web!

  11. Thanks for sharing your experience on your amazing blog! 🙂

  12. thanks for the link! 🙂


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