Asian Inspired Fans with paper plates

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With students of Year 6 we painted some fans in Oriental style, with colorful watercolors on the background and silhouettes of bamboo plants and branches with cherry blossoms painted in black ink. For the fans we merely used half of a paper plate!

Silhouettes of chairs for poetic evocations

Three dimensional Mirò


5 thoughts on “Asian Inspired Fans with paper plates”

  1. Now a days, people don’t refer to things and people as “Oriental”. Instead, people say Asian or refer to a specific Asian country.
    Instead of calling these “Oriental Fans” it is more appropriate to say Asian Inspired Fans.
    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Jenny! I’ll change the title of the post. I really appreciate your comment, because I need some help with my english, especially for these specific words, connected with subjects and contents that I don’t know about. You are precious, if you find other suggestions to improve my posts, please don’t esitate to tell me! keep in touch Jenny!


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