A shared experience in Omaha, Nebraska

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Yesterday, I was delighted to receive a lovely email from Cynthia Vana, a Library Specialist in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. She led a workshop at the Florence Branch of Omaha Public Library where the participants used white oil pastels and acrylic paint to create African patterns on brown craft paper. Her workshop, part of a February program series celebrating African American Heritage Month in the United States, was inspired by one of my lessons. You can find this lesson in a previous post called African patterns on wrapping paperSixteen women attended Cynthia’s workshop and each of them produced a unique and beautiful piece! You can find more photos of her workshop on Omaha Public Library’s Flickr page.
What gave me the most pleasure was to see such smiles on the all the students’ faces — they obviously had a lot of fun and were very satisfied with their beautiful work!
Well done Cynthia! (and Omaha Public Library!)


Small ceramic house-box

Silhouettes of chairs for poetic evocations


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  1. These are beautiful! I decided to do a scaled-down version with my 1st graders and they are coming out remarkably well! Thank you for the inspiration.


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