Small ceramic house-box

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The slabs of clay can be used for lots of different projects. This  project needs precision  in measuring, cutting and assembling the slabs and the consistence of clay must be not too soft. Remember to use “slurry” clay to join the slabs on the edges, after  having scratched the surfaces to be joined.
The surface of the box may be textured, carved or decorated, and in the same way you can build a roof-lid.


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4 thoughts on “Small ceramic house-box”

    • Hi Eileen! Are you collecting little house-boxes or are you building these? Those are very simple to make… show me your collection when it will be ready!

    • Hi Christian! Thanks for your suggestion about Todd Van Duren, I’ve seen his work on Pinterest and I love it! Do you know him? Is he working in your area?
      I’m very glad to meet you, are you a ceramist as well?
      Thank you for your comment and see you soon on the web!!


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