Prints with styrofoam inspired by Miro

2 mirò

The designs, typically linear of Juan Miro, inspired us to realize our prints with styrofoam in the 6th grade classes. This material was cut from used food trays. The small plates have become the matrices for our prints. After analyzing the works of Miró, we found a large graphic repertoire of little men, eyes, animals, flowers and birds of strange shapes, stars and moons. Thus we copied the drawings on the styrofoam and engraved our printing plates with a sharp pencil. The background of the sheet has been colored with a collage of tissue papers with the typical colors of Miro: red, yellow, green and blue.
The printing of the matrix was made with black ink, repeating printing twice or more times on the same sheet.

























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  1. LOVE THESE! One question- How do you glue down the tissue paper? Normally I have them paint on a mixture of glue and water. But that might mess up the surface for the printing ink????

  2. Love it!!! Do you think I can do it with black acrilic paint and a normal brush over the foam? I dont have ink.. thanks a million!

  3. Jennifer Johnson says:

    These are the coolest- will definitely be trying these out! I’ve done, styrofoam printing, I’ve done tissue backgrounds, I’ve done Miro… but put them all together, and it is just awesome! Thanks!

  4. Love these much more than my current Miri project! Can’t wait to try them! Thanks for sharing. Mrs. P @

  5. Hi Miriam.
    These are amazing.What type of paper did you use? Cardstock, watercolour…? I can’t wait to try this!

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