Recycled polystyrene foam printing

I used recycled polystyrene foam from pizza’s package to do matrices  for hand printings. I used acrylic colour spreaded on the matrix by a flat brush and I printed by hand with a  light and evenly pressure.
 polystyrene foam
carve with with a sharp pencil
foam matrix painted by acrylic colour and hand printed  
matrices and printings
different colours for every printing
a different composition…
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  1. Great examples of printing.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Semplice, ma bellissimo!!!

  3. Amo questi timbri!!

  4. sono molto semplici da fare! se hai un rullo per stendere il colore sulla matrice è ancora meglio, ma ci si può arrangiare con un pennellessa piatta! a presto!

  5. They came out so clear and detailed for styrofoam. That substrate must be different than our meat trays in the states. They look great. I like the ones cut out too.

  6. Bridget Haig says

    great ideas, thanks just wondering what kind of knots is that called? Thanks

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