Pinch-pot ceramic little fish

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To make these little fish we created a small cup with the pich-pot technique. From a clay ball of 4-5 cm in diameter, you obtain a cup by pressing the thumb into the ball and “pinching” the walls of the cup evenly, making the cup turn in the hand. This way we get the mouth of our little fish.

To this open mouth we add details such as eyes and fins, always using the slip on the knurled surface in the areas you would join.

For the base you create a small circle-shaped plate and decorate it with textures, waves, starfish, algae, corals, and everything that reminds you the seabed. The fish is applied to the round base using the slip on knurled areas, and your piece is ready for the first firing.

After the first firing we proceed with the decoration with colored glazes applied by brush in two/three layers. Once the glazes are dry we proceed with the second firing.

Here are our colored fishes:


The painting technique of the Impressionists

Rainbow fish


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