Abstract square that tells about me

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A new work inspired by the American artist Harold Hollingswort, who has always attracted us for a different approach to abstract art. In his works, Holligsworth uses recognizable elements such as texts, forms or symbols, and then breaks them down and assembles them into abstract compositions which, however, remain full of meanings. Other works inspired by this artist can be found here (with letters only) and here (with letters and flowers), this time together with our name we insert graphic elements that represent ourselves.

In this workshop we start from the creation of a recognizable drawing, like our written name, and we end up with an abstract composition, without knowing the final result. First we use the squared sheet and write our name with black marker, in a free way, with different fonts and decorated letters. Then we will add elements drawn or written, by choosing ONLY TWO COLORS in felt-tip pen.

Below you can purchase the printable file of the checkered sheet in downloadable PDF. You can use the worksheet as a notebook cover:

Let’s now make a small list of things that concern ourselves:

● we think about 3 things that make us happy, that we search to feel good

● 3 things we can’t stand, that make us angry or sad

● we write them under the drawing and represent them with small drawings, symbols or writings in a free way, always working inside the square and using the two chosen colors and / or black.

After drawing and writing the elements that represent us, we color a quarter of the square with the first chosen color and another quarter with the second chosen color. The other two quarters of the design remain white.

Finally, we cut the drawing into 16 squares and glue the little squares in random way, to form a new big square. This new square is completely abstract but it tells about me!


Ceramic cylindrical cup: worksheet with template

Ceramic Cylindrical Cup with slab technique


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