Ceramic cylindrical cup: worksheet with template

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These cups were made by seventh grade students using the slab technique. To cut out the parts of the cup from slab clay we used paper templates in order to reproduce the profile of the shapes on the clay. You can find the template here below:

We made a slab of clay about 7 mm thick, then we decorated the surface of the cup by imprinting an embossing mold used for decorate desserts on the clay.

By gently pressing the mold with a rolling pin on the fresh clay, we obtained a slightly raised decoration. We then used the templates to cut out the bottom, the cylinder of the cup and the handle.

To assemble the cup we knurled the contact areas and used the slip to join the pieces together. Once the cup were bone dry, we did the first firing in the oven to obtain the white biscuit.

For the glaze we chose to decorate the external surface with dark gray engobe and transparent glaze, while inside we used yellow, blue and bronze glazes. After the second cooking, our cups are ready for tea!


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