I’m an Artist!

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This activity is inspired by the picture book “I’m an Artist” by Marta Altes. We read this book with the 6th grade students and we discussed about the role of the artist in our society.

Then we asked ourselves: what can an artist do? What can I do as an artist? What do I love, what do I like, what makes me feel good? Starting from these questions we decorated a background with abstract pattern and mixed media. After that we wrote a large writing with the words “I am an artist” and we drew an “artistic” hand, with free shapes and colors. For each finger of the hand we have written what I can do as an artist.

First step: decoration of the background
Second step: draw the “artistic” hand
Third step: write a big and colored writing “I’m an artist”

After completing the background, the colored hand, the writing and the personal reflections, we created a composition with all these elements on the left side of the background, writing in addition what I can do as an artist.

What can I do as an artist? Everyone writes their own answers

On the right side of the background we have pasted another hand, which describes the things that make us feel good, the things we like to do, that inspire us, that make us happy. We searched images from magazines, suitable for creating a collage with our preferences. We also made small drawings to explain these preferences.

Here are our finished works, can we confirm that we are true artists?


We are all in the same boat!

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