Mandala -style design: 6 worksheets

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From 12 pdf printable worksheets to create a mandala-style design, but drawing only a portion of the circular decoration, without making a complete circle. Using an incomplete circle, the students can work more freely with decorations, without the geometric precision requested by a perfect circle. 

– In the first 6 WORKSHEETS there are only the semicircles, to do the job even without tools such as rulers or compasses. The semicircles can be decorated with freehand drawings like petals, circles, lines, triangles, flames, arrows, points, etc.

– Nei primi 6 FOGLI ci sono solo i semicerchi, per fare il lavoro anche senza strumenti come righelli o compassi. I semicerchi si possono decorare con petali, cerchi, linee, triangoli, fiamme, frecce, punte ecc.. a mano libera.

– in the next 6 WORKSHEETS there are mandala-style drawings, to carry out activities on color using ready-made drawings.

The mandala style design can be divided with a diagonal to color with warm colors on one side and cool colors on the other; it can be divided into three sectors to work with pairs of complementary colors, or it can be divided into many sectors to be colored with categories of color such as primary, secondary, neutral, etc.
The files can also be digitally colored.

freehand decorations created by students on the worksheets with semicircles
warm and cool colors
sectors with color theory categories
digital drawing with complementary colors


Collage inspired by Carla Accardi

Collaborative Chinese Dragon


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