Collage inspired by Carla Accardi

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This interesting project was realized by the Italian art teacher Paola Riso and the artist Daniela Paola Motta in the Middle School “Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa” of San Giovanni La Punta in Sicily (Italy)

This collaborative activity is inspired by the artworks of the Italian artist Carla Accardi. With her painting, she contributed from 1947 to the affirmation of Abstractionism in Italy. The students, inspired by what they studied, designed and created great and beautiful collages, real works of art.

Paola Riso explains to us the steps for this activity. We need colored big-size cardboards (50x70cm), scissors, glue stick, pencil, and rubber.

1. Paste together the white and the black cardboard with adhesive tape.

2. Cut out random organic shapes: some white and some red.

3. On the white cardboard, paste the red shapes randomly. Do the same with the white shapes on the black cardboard.

4. On the conjunction of the white and black cardboards, overlap white cardboard and draw with pencils some free shapes, starting from the negative spaces, obtained from the red shapes.

5. These shapes will then be cut out and juxtaposed in order to create an optical effect of continuity

To create the work below use the same technique showed above. The cardboard for the background is light blue (100x70cm) and the shapes are red and black. Before gluing the shapes, you trace some lines with the pencils on the blue cardboard. Respecting the areas, glue the red free shapes inside the line, and glue the black free shapes outside the line.

These other big collages were created by the students of Paola Riso at the Middle School Marconi De Gasperi in San giovanni Lupatoto (Verona, Italy).


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