Pop Up Card Template

In these printable worksheets you can find two simple template ready to to print and cut to create pop-up cards with 3 or 4 shapes that stand up when you open the card. Following the instructions and the suggestion below, you can create a pop-up for a greeting card or for any other topic you need to show or celebrate.

The file can be printed on a cardboard. You have to fold the cardboard in half, then you cut the cardboard along the dotted lines. After that you fold the red lines outward and green lines inwards, in order to obtain some upright supports, where you can glue the objects for your pop-up card.

Here below some Pop up cards created by the talented kids of the Malosco Summer Art Activity dedicated at the Malosco Wood and its animals and plants (Malosco is a beautiful village in the Italian region of Trentino, in the North of Italy).

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