Group work: mixed media leaves

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In groups of three we created this mixed media work, following the step-by step instructions.

  • First we write our names on the back of the drawing sheet.
  • Then we paint the drawing sheet with watercolors, all the three students of the group on the same drawing sheet.
  • We use flat and round paintbrushes.
  • We paint the background just with black and grey, the white areas depend on the dilution of watercolours.



  • Subsequently we draw the leaves with pencil and felt tip pens.
  • We draw the leaves on colored cardboards.
  • After that we colour the leaves with oil pastels with fantastic and unreal colours



  • Then we cut the leaves out with scissors and paste the leaves on the painting with stick glue.
  • Afterwards we draw the outline of the leaves with a black permanent marker.
  • Eventually we draw other larger outlines with a black permanent marker on the painting.





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