Funny Boots : painting textures

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With tempera or acrylic painting we can create different patterns, using different kind of paintbrushes and colors. After painting the moka pots, the cups, the landscapes and the flowers,  we chose a pair of funny boots to work on the textures with students of sixth grade.

First of all we sketched the drawing with a pencil. The line of the floor has been measured (16 cm) and is equal for every drawing, then every students chose to draw a person with a jacket or a skirt, and a pair of rain boots. After that the drawing has been painted with tempera colors with solid colors: in this subject we have six different areas to paint.


When the painting were completely dried we painted the graphic textures, using at least 2 colors for every pattern and trying to invent different shapes and marks in order to vary as much as possible the decorations. We used flat and round paintbrushes, small or big, to obtain different marks, dots or lines.

The last step was to redraw the outlines with a black marker, in order to stand out the different textures. The result is very bright, colorful and original: lots of funny boots, all different and full of fantasy!


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5 thoughts on “Funny Boots : painting textures”

  1. These are not textures, they are patterns. It is important to teach the difference. Perhaps the translation is incorrect.

    • Hi Anne, you’re right, thanks for you comment. I’m Italian and sometimes it’s difficult for me to find the right words, even because they are technical words, with slight differences.
      In this case in Italian language (for students of this age, of course) we differentiate between graphic texture, that mean patterns created graphically, and the other textures, intended as any sort of surface. In the translation I’ve lost the difference. May I write “graphic textures” or anyhow “patterns” is more correct? I appreciate your help 🙂

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