Drawing natural textures for a gown

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To create these elegant gowns we copied details of natural textures from some pictures. In the classes of grade 6th we observed lots of textures, either natural than artificial and we analysed them in the colours and details. For an artist is important to be able to reproduce realistic textures, in order to give the feeling and perception of different surfaces and materials. After observing many textures, the students chose a picture to copy with colored pencils. The texture was used to create a dress, obtained by cutting out the shape of the dress from a linear drawing of a fashion model. You can find the worksheets with 8 different pictures HERE.

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We cut the shape of the dress with a cutter, in that way we created a mask, a sort of window ready to be filled with the texture. On another sheet we worked with colored pencils copying the texture from a picture, trying to imitate as better we could the image in every color and detail. When we finished the drawing we overlapped the worksheet with the model and we obtained our beautiful gown. At the end students have colored also the hair, the skin and the shoes, following their own taste.






Trees in chromatic shade and zentangle

Funny Boots : painting textures


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