Buildings in one point perspective

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I think that teaching how to draw perspective is one of the most difficult topic. Learning the rules of perspective is a difficult task for students, and every year I need to find more effective strategies to teach this topic that involves both art and science. I found this interesting tutorial and with 7th grade students and we have been inspired by this unusual point of view. It is as you were in the middle of a big city, in a crossroads, looking at the sky. The vanishing point is in the middle of the sky.

To make this drawing we drew the building with pencils and markers and then we painted the sky with watercolors. Our drawing is more simple than the one in the tutorial and we used rulers,  but the results are amazing!

_DSC1558  _DSC1559

_DSC1561  _DSC1562

_DSC1563  _DSC1564

_DSC1566  _DSC1574

_DSC1575  _DSC1576

_DSC1583  _DSC1587

_DSC1590  _DSC1586

_DSC1584  _DSC1589

_DSC1591  _DSC1592

_DSC1593  _DSC1595

_DSC1598  _DSC1599

_DSC1601  _DSC1596

_DSC1602  _DSC1603

_DSC1604  18mag14_10


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  1. Wow, what an amazing website! I’ve just started teaching art in a middle school in the UK. I have looked at lots of your stuff and have found it very inspiring! Thank you so much!

        • Thanks for your comment Mallory, I need help to fix my mistakes and I appreciate any suggestion. Please, If you see my grammatical errors could you help me to fix them? As is obvious, I’m not mother tongue and I often need help with the translation. As you see, I wrote “the greatest job in the world”, is it better?

        • Wow Mallory, instead of using capital letters, which by the way needs to end with an exclamation mark, there are other ways to tell people of a mistake they made. For example, when you wrote in your reply, “what you wrote it better,” I could say something like, “did you mean to type the word is instead of it?”

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  3. this is a great site. i love doing cityscapes —I have been try to get this perspective for a long time . you just make it much easier–thanks will follow with great interest!!!

    • Hi DeeLee, I use thick drawing paper, the weight is 220 gr/mq, but when the drawing are finished and completely dry, i usually put them under a ton of books for a day in order to flatten the paper 😉

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  6. Hi, i’d like to try this amazing draw with mi kids at school. Is there any video to see as a tutorial, or do you have any instruction I can follow?


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