“Expressionist” printing on different paper

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Studying Expressionism inspired us in the creation of these prints. In these days there is an important exhibition in Genova about German Expressionists, and we thought to do some works inspired by them. Using the matrixes made of a special gum called Adigraf, we have lanced the “expressionist” faces, imitating the woodblock prints of German artists of the early decades of the century. The newness was to print these faces on different types of paper, such as newspaper and color images. The different background will make the printing more interesting because you can see a sign, a landscape, a figure or a work of art. We had fun in the experimentations, and in the pictures you can find the process of printing and the results

18 stampe 2015

_DSC0047  _DSC0048

_DSC0050 _DSC0444 _DSC0445






_DSC0456   _DSC0459







Skyline on color gradations

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