The color wheel star-shaped

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5x3 quad

In 6th grade classes our exercises on color theory proceed with the analysis of the color wheel. We made a painting in order to understand how to get all the colors of the color wheel, using only the three primary colors. First we have “turned” the color wheel into a star.

With a ruler we drew a small central triangle from which branch off the three triangles of primary colors. On these first “arrows” we built those of the secondary and tertiary colors.
On the three tips at the center we painted, with acrylics, the primary colors, and then we mixed them in the right proportions, to create the secondary and tertiary colors. The final touch was to paint the black background, to give more brightness to the colors.

















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3 thoughts on “The color wheel star-shaped”

  1. What kind of paper do you use for acrylic paintings, this one and the lesson with collage vases and painted background?

    • Hi Merrill! Here in Italy most of students buy they own a special paper for drawing, it’s 220 grams/meter square, a quite heavy paper. The dimension are 24x33cm. I don’t know which kind of paper you use for the students, in UK i’ve found nice sketchbooks, of every size, with a really good paper for painting. I think the most important feature is the heaviness of paper, that is better not to being less than 110g/m2. 🙂
      Merrill, I’m really happy to know you! 😀


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