Our silhouette in zentangle style

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Here we have the extraordinary idea of Fabiana Collotto, art teacher at the Middle School “Querini” in Mestre (Venice). As he told me in various mails that we exchanged, the work that we share here was made during a laboratory, where students from 5th grade and 6th grade have collaborated together.
Groups of 5/6 students drew the outline of one of their classmates who was lying on the ground on wrapping paper. The figure is curled up and takes positions also quite uncomfortable, but is important that his hands and limbs remain visible. The silhouettes with tousled hair, or with bulky clothes and shoes are great fun! All figures have been decorated with markers blacks and whites in zentangle drawings and, in some silhouettes, was added also the color. The silhouettes were eventually cut out and exposed on a large wall, for a well-deserved show.
Along with Fabiana even the teachers Tiziana Pad, Angela Farruggia, Marina Forte, Edi Solivo, Antonella Polizzi, Tiziana Bonifacio and Maria Grazia Lombardino have collaborated in this amazing work.

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    • Ciao Barbara! Bella sintesi (Klimt e l’Australia!)! Piacere di conoscerti, se hai qualche bel lavoro che hai fatto con i tuoi ragazzi e vuoi condividerlo, scrivimi e mandami le foto su patermir@gmail.com, mi piacerebbe fare un post al mese dedicato ai lavori più originali dei miei colleghi!
      Keep in touch Barbara 🙂

  1. Ciao Miriam, piacere mio di conoscerti. E’ da tanto che ti seguo e ammiro i tuoi lavoro. Allora nei prossimi giorni ti mando alcune foto dei lavori dei miei ragazzi…a presto. 🙂

  2. Hello Miriam, I recently started an Art Club at a small private school here in North Carolina. I borrowed your idea of making silhouettes. Yesterday the middle school students loved tracing each other. The brown wrapping paper is thin. Did you mount images on cardboard? Thank you.

    • Hi Nancy! I didn’t do this project, in the post there are the names of teacher (once a month dedicate a post to some else art teacher’s work). I don’t think they use cardboard, perhaps the wrapping paper was heavier. There are wrapping papers with different heaviness (gr/m2). I can’t help you more than so 🙁 , would you like to contact the italian teachers who have done the work?

      • Yes Miriam, that would be so helpful. I saw your card project on line this morning. They are beautiful. What a clever idea!


  3. Greetings from South Africa!
    I have just done this with my 7th grade art class. I would like to send you photos.
    The children enjoyed every minute!


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