10 Templates of Animals

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animals collage

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10 drawings of animals to be colored, decorate, cut. There are the eagle, the lion, the frog, the rabbit, the wolf, the elephant, the cat, the penguin, the wolf and the lizard. How can you decorate them? We experimented different ways: in a class the templates were decorated with drawings zentangle, and in another group were colored with mosaic designs, in the style of Gaudì’s mosaics. These 10 sheets can be decorated in many different ways and in the same class you can have 10 varieties of shapes and subjects. Zentangle style  

_DSC0424   _DSC0426   _DSC0443   2 animali   _DSC0430   Mosaic style, inspired by Gaudì   _DSC0223   _DSC0226   _DSC0227   _DSC0251   turtle gaudì


Vases in pencil on painted background

Zentangle Animals


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