Pattern with radial drawings

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collagepro ex 5

In Architecture and Design, a Pattern is a decorative design, as for wallpapers, made up of elements in a regular arrangement. Using the drawings in radial symmetry, made in a previous lesson by 7th grade students, we created some amazing patterns with a program of photo collage (but it is also possible with a page of Power Point or Word). The results are astonishing!  We had fun then playing with patterns, by combining them each other.

_DSC0187  rad1   9radial1

  collagepro25 rad6

collagepro 25 rad4

collagepro25 rad5

collagepro 5x5 radial2

collagepro 5x5 radial

collagepro ex12

collagepro ex6

collagepro ex7

collagepro ex8

collagepro ex10

collagepro ex11

 collagepro exp9

collagepro experiment1

collagepro experiment2

collagepro experiment3


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12 thoughts on “Pattern with radial drawings”

    • hi Alice! Just copy and past small photos of the drawing for 25 times. I’ve found a lot of applications of photo collage for free on line, but I think it will be easy even with Power Point or Word. On a white page you paste the first square ( If is a radial symmetrical drawing it will be more effective, of course). You decide the size ( quite small) and then copy and paste it for several times. Could be boring to join them each other, but with Power Point there are guide lines to join the pictures perfectly. You could try and tell me if you can do it easily.:)

      • Thanks so much. I will try it. Your blog is really amazing and inspiring. We don’t have an art teacher or program at our school, so I am running around trying to get an art education to our 800 middle schoolers and calling that an art program in the hopes that it will gain credibility. I am the school counselor…so it’s double duty, but I am loving it! It really helps to have your lessons, prepare them, gather materials and bring them to the classroom teachers.
        I have another technical question on today’s post and will put it on there.
        Again! Thanks!

  1. i am loving your site!! I am an graphic designer/photographer that is transitioning into art. I am in my first year as middle school art teacher so I am in search of innovative projects that can kept the students engaged. It is a true pleasure to work with the students !!!

    • Hi Patty! Nice to meet you, thanks for your comment, you’ve made my day! I like your enthusiasm for teaching art, often we art teachers need a lot of it!
      Happy new year Patty! Keep in touch 🙂


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