Curls, springs, or twisted ribbons?

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Another exercise on value realized in the 7th grade classes was this drawing of curled ribbons. The method is very simple and the realism of these metallic curls is achieved with shadows in pencil and gradations in color. The ribbons are drawn on white paper, then cut out. The shapes are pasted on a black card, thus the dark background brings out the effect of light and shade.





_DSC0033 1




molle4  molle5

_DSC0031  _DSC0032

_DSC0033  _DSC0034

_DSC0035  _DSC0036 copia

_DSC0037 copia  _DSC0043 copia

_DSC0044 copia  _DSC0045

_DSC0053  molle6

molle  molle1

molle2  molle3


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