Free doodles!

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scarabocchi pennarello

A really simple exercise that helps children to get rid of the stereotypes of the drawing and to have fun with colors. The line of the scribble has been made drawing continuously on the paper with a felt pen, without ever remove the tip from the sheet. The movements of the pen are wide and free and move around into the entire space of the paper. After a set time the line stops. Each student subsequently, has colored the spaces created by this line with felt tip pens, creating nice abstract images.



















Fanciful mushrooms!

Drawings in radial symmetry


5 thoughts on “Free doodles!”

    • Hi Susy! It is actually a very simple job but a lot of fun. It can also be used as sub plan or at the end of a busy school day! 🙂

  1. Salve volevo dire che questa é la prima lezione che faccio trovandomi davanti a degli alunni di prima media, poi procedo con utilizzi vari sulla linea
    I lavori che nascono sembrano piccoli capiolavori di arte astratta

    • Ciao Rosi! E’ proprio un gioco per i bambini di prima media: si divertono e si esprimono! Già dai segni che tracciano e da come colorano gli spazi puoi individuare abilità e manualità. Buon lavoro rosi! 🙂


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