Drawings in radial symmetry

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The radial symmetry has elements identical and symmetrical, relative to a central point, such as we can observe in the shape of snow crystals or in the disposition of the petals in a flower.
After drawing a square with its medians and diagonals, we have drawn three curved lines and two straight lines within a clove of the square. These lines were traced on tracing paper with a soft pencil, and drawn again on each sector of the drawing with the pencil. At the end of this first phase we got a drawing in radial symmetry, and we redrawn it with a colored marker. In the second phase we colored the drawing with colored pencils, choosing only 4 colors and paying attention to color the areas symmetrically. With colored pencils, we’ve created shades by varying the pressure of the pencil. We have created these masterpieces with the 7th grade classes to introduce the theme of the gradient and value.










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6 thoughts on “Drawings in radial symmetry”

    • Hi Julie! They were astonished of their final works, they started just from three curved lines and two straight lines! I think was the same with your children with the mandala 🙂

  1. Miriam
    I am a 7-12 art teacher in western NY. I like how you have stressed value and gradation. I find I still have difficulty getting students to use color pencil lightly and gradually have them blend to achieve a nice modulation from dark to light value. I have taught tessellations and have a similar look to your students finished pencil drawings.I think the final product is excellent.i will definitely use this lesson.- Gary

    • Hi Gary! Nice to meet you! I’m going to publish a new post about modulation from dark to light value with pencil and colored pencils. I’m very happy to share lessons with you in NY… WOW!
      Keep in touch 😉


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