How to clean up

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How to clean up the working tools after use? We know that, especially when we paint, it is inevitable to have plates, cups and paintbrushes to clean and tidy up. So we designed a poster with instructions for cleaning tools: simple, clear and understandable … With the language of images our pupils can no longer say, “I had not realized how to clean up.”
I apologize to friends who do not speak Italian, but fortunately the message of the pictures is international! 😉



 DSCN4185  DSCN4186


Drawings in radial symmetry

Symmetrical Monsters


2 thoughts on “How to clean up”

  1. This is a great poster! In my class are a few students who are native Italian speakers and they speak very little German. These kids will be so delighted to see this in their own language.

    • Wow Dagmar! I need one in English now because I’m going to do some lesson in English… I’m happy to be useful to your students, tell them CIAO from me! 🙂


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