Editing a photo in Andy Warhol’s style

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As we have seen in previous posts dedicated to the program GIMP 2, there are many ways to draw up and edit a photograph. With students in Grade 9, we concluded the program of art history with the Pop Art of Andy Warhol. Inspired by this artist we changed the colors of a portrait in black and white. With the program GIMP 2, we have reduced the image in a limited gray scale, and then we colored the various shades of gray with flat and brilliants colors. With the serial reproduction of images with different colors, in perfect Pop Art style, we completed our graphic works.

luca 4 wharol

4 Warren - Paolo  bobe 4w


giada worold  giorgia b 4w

hala 4w

lisa 4 wahrol  matteo4w

Diapositiva1 Queen-Elizabeth-gimp1jpg


Desert landscapes in tonal gradations

Haiku in colors


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