Haiku in colors

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The Japanese Haiku is a short poem of only three verses that contains a fixed metric structure: the thoughts and images that flow through the heart become a poetry. During the lessons in the class 1D (Grade 6) the pupils have made ​​these short poems dealing with themes of natural events or feelings. Under the guidance of Professor Claudia Paternoster, who writes the blog “PAROLE BLU” (that means “blue words”) dedicated to his classroom, students have discovered how to make these short verses full of meaning. The poems were then brought in the Art classroom, where they have become small watercolors inspired by the famous paintings of Paul Klee. Each student has matched the colors with their poetry, trying to convey emotions and feelings through color tones and shades.
This experience was then printed into a small book called “Pensieri” that means “thoughts”.

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11giu14_89  11giu14_90

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26giu14_91  26giu14_92

 26giu14_94  26giu14_95



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