We paint! instructions for use

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We begin to paint in our Art room that is (sich…) without sinks and without adequate facilities for carrying out laboratory activities. With students we studied together a plan to be able to paint however: a clear organization for all, decided by all, to optimize timing, movements, logistics and labor, where each will have a specific task and will have the responsibility to take to term. Here’s what came out of from our brain storming on our analogic blackboard!

If you have any further suggestions we’ll talk about it!


Tangles shaded

Small Kandinsky with oil pastels


2 thoughts on “We paint! instructions for use”

  1. Hi again Miriam, I am a traveling art teacher. I have 2 5-gallon plastic buckets that I fill halfway and add a few squirts of baby bath soap. Painted clean hand on one and dirty-with-paint hand on other. A soft scrubby sponge is kept in the cleaning bucket for hands. I lay a large bath towel on floor with both buckets to catch spills and drips. I start the school year with small cheap washcloths, one for each child each day, and bring all the dirty laundry home each weekend to wash. It’s a job, but the towels last all year, and I don’t have to continually purchase paper towels. 🙂 Liz

    • Hi Liz! What a wonderful experience (but the towels all last year, of course…) How old are the children? Are them in primary school?


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