Bicycle textured

bici a texture1Dbici a texture1C
The students of Year 6th have decorated with textures some drawing details of a bicycle. Everyone chose a detail and colored each area with colored felt-tip pens, inventing the most various graphic textures to fill the drawing.
The designs were then reassembled to get the shape of the bicycle, in a composition of colors and shapes … then, can we get a ride?







Below we add photos of a new “bike” that achieved by the pupils of class 1B, from School “Alessandro Volta” Collemarino (An) with the art teacher Morresi. Well done guys!

bici ancona

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  1. love it

  2. Great group project!

  3. Tone Myhren says

    This is a really good idea 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  4. Where did you get the large line drawing of the bike?
    Love your ideas..

    • Hi Shannon! I’ve found a simple draw of a bicycle in Internet and then I prepared enlarged photocopies of the details.

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