Less talk, more ART!

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We only have two hours in the week to make our works of art and we are full of ideas, we are full of creativity and possibilities … So: “LESS TALK, MORE ART!”
Here is our slogan, hanging in the Art Room, realized and colored from some willing students. It is ready to remind us all the time that the important thing is working having fun, learning by creating, and create using our time well!

Work, therefore: less talk, more ART!




Bicycle textured

Tangles shaded


4 thoughts on “Less talk, more ART!”

    • Ciao Elisa! quante volte chiediamo ai nostri ragazzi di chiacchierare meno e lavorare? Ora mi avvicino al poster e lo indico con gesti eloquenti… qualche volta funziona!! 😉

    • Hi Paula! When students are talking too much I just walk below this panel and they start immediately to draw instead of talk…! Sometime (not always!) it works! 😉


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