how to draw a figure

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My son Paolo made this little video with iMovie. He did it all by himself and I thought  it might be interesting to boys of the same age! He is eleven.  Enjoy yourself!


Color theory inspired by Paul Klee

Jazz band Pop-Up


8 thoughts on “how to draw a figure”

  1. The video was wonderful. When can we come visit? I would love to meet you and your family. I think we are very much the same. I will extend the same to you… Come visit us in Minnesota, USA! You inspire me with every post! Thanks!

  2. thank you for the invitation… be carefull because we are cumbersome!!! I’m very lucky to know you on the web, I hope really to meet you in person, in Minnesota, in Italy or in UK. Who can say? Keep in touch (actually I always follow you!)

    • Thanks Ingrid! I told him! The video is quite old, Paolo now is 17 years old and he’s studying to become a filmmaker. He’s been making video since the video “how to draw a figure”and before. 🙂


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