Final Exams 2017

Paintings, stained glass, prints, drawings, mosaic, collage, plastic and wood sculptures, mixed media projects… This year for the final exams students of the 8th Grade created different kind of work. Everyone described and justified the work, explaining the techniques and the procedure and the motivations of their work of art. Here we have the works  presented during the final exams: they was connected to a history of art topic,  and every student explained the topic and this connection. Well done guys, I’m proud of you!

print inspired by Kirchner’s painting “Marcella”

free interpretation with cold colors by Paul Klee’s work “The indian Gardens”

“War” free interpretation inspired by “Guernica”

copy of “the yellow Christ” by Gauguin

“Piero Angela” inspired by Andy Warhol

stained glass inspired by Alphonse Mucha

copy of Van Gogh’s “Starry night” – oil pastels

Acrylic painting inspired by Picasso’s “Les demoiselle d’Avignon” interpreted in Pop Art style

prints inspired by “Guernica” by Picasso

copy of “Van Gogh’s room”

free interpretation of “The masks” by Emil Nolde

mixed media painting inspired by Jackson Pollock

free interpretation of “Guernica” by Picasso – collage

drawing inspired by Futurism of Giacomo Balla

drawing inspired by Roy Lichtestein and printed T-shirt

copy of “Il Duce” by Basquiat – mixed media

detail of “Impression: soleil levant” by Monet

drawing inspired by photograph portrait of Sarah Bernhardt by Nadar

painting inspired by Franz Kline

free interpretation of Banksy murales at “The Walled Off Hotel” – mixed media

free interpretation of Delacroix

mosaic with ceramic tiles inspired by Antoni Gaudi

portrait of Marilyn Monroe inspired by Andy Warhol

cardboard sculpture inspired by Keith Haring

painting inspired by Pop Art

paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock with different emotions

prints inspired by the “Japanese bridge” by Monet

copy of “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh

wood sculpture inspired by Romero Britto

drawing inspired by Futurism

watercolor in warm colors inspired by Paul Klee

copy and free interpretation in nocturnal version of “The London Parliament” by Monet

portrait inspired by the Expressionism of Emil Nolde

free interpretation of “The traveller” by Friedrich

Dripping inspired by Jackson Pollock

“cubist strawberry” inspired by blue and pink periods of Picasso

drawing inspired by Graffiti – mixed media


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  1. These are simply amazing! Gave me an idea to start exploring different art mediums with my kids. I really like the look of oil pastels. My daughter is only 5 and she is obsessed with oil pastels. Maybe she can recreate some pieces from Van Gogh…her interpretation. 🙂

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