Ribbons interwoven and Zentangle

5x3 inttrecci

Explaining the shading, the value and the three-dimensional effect that we can create in a drawing, we have drew “ribbons” interwoven and perpendicular to each other. In every intersection we drew the shadows, thinking to which ribbon was “below,” and which one was “above”. The spaces between the interwoven bands are drawn with zentangle (to see other works with these decorations click on the tag “zentangle”) with a colored felt-tip pen. Finally we added deep shadows under the ribbons._DSC0323












in2 in4







copertina quaderno

Here I post the experience in the Courtney’s Classroom, they are grade threes and so talented!Inspiration in Courtney’s Classroom

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  1. Wow! Yet another brilliant idea which I have already pinned to use next school year. You are amazing!

  2. We are going to change the world with our zentangles – Jenny and Abby ?

  3. I love these. What size is the paper?

  4. http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=140681 is my direct link to my Artsonia gallery where you can view the color wheel umbrellas.

  5. I posted your works, they are amazing! 🙂


  1. […] Miriam Paternoster, who teaches middle school art in North Italy, and in perusing her lesson ideas, I decided that I’d try out something with my grade threes.  I remember that in the grade three social studies curriculum, the students explore Peru, Ukraine, […]

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