The magical worlds of Paul Klee


Copying freehand an artwork of Paul Klee is a joyful experience, detached from any worry of resemblance to reality. What we experience is the playful sense of childlike drawing, free from a rational draft.
Each student, in a class of Grade 6, have copied an artwork of Paul Klee, drawing the main lines without bothering to copy them faithfully, but interpreting the drawing freely. Even the watercolors were applied in a personal way: some students have chosen warm colors or cool, others have used bright and contrasting colors. To complete the design, the main lines have been redrawn with a black wax crayon, for emphasizing the shapes.
I think this is the best way to learn about this great artist!










26giu14_65 26giu14_69

26giu14_66  26giu14_67 

26giu14_51  26giu14_52

26giu14_53  26giu14_54

26giu14_55  26giu14_57

26giu14_68   26giu14_59

26giu14_60  26giu14_61

26giu14_62  26giu14_63

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  1. What a fabulous post!!! But then again, all your posts are fabulous. I will be teaching K-5 this year instead of middle school . This lesson would be wonderful for younger students too.

    • Thank you Kara! I thick tat all the lessons suitable for students 11 years old could be perfect for K-5 as well!

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