The mosaics completed

After all this work the mosaic course produces his first artworks. The pupils of the Year 7 who made them have become real experts in mosaic, thanks to their perseverance, patience, care, effort and autonomy in work. They have also got a few callus in the hands and a few cuts on the fingers, but as I have always said, “if at the end of the course you have not some patch means that you have not worked!”
I am very satisfied with your work … and you?

marco a.
riccardo g.

andrea c
eleonora t
riccardo r.


marco e.
riccardo g.
marco s.c.


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  1. How did your students cut the tiles? Did they just use a hammer? How did you prevent students from getting cut? Thank you! Love your work!

    • they used a special tool, like pincers or nipper and actually some students get cut lightly on the fingers… they were 12 years old, doing it with younger children could be dangerous. The special nipper are like these
      I bought them in Italy, they can’t close completely and are not too dangerous, but the pieces of tile are very sharp.
      You can also use the hammer, but the pieces have random shapes and you can’t cut them wit precision. You can do a mosaic even with irregular pieces of tiles, of course. 🙂

      • Thank you Miriam, that was helpfu! What about grout? Did you buy the wet kind or mix it youself? What about sand? Is it important to mix sand with the grout? Thanks again! Tricia

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