Final Exams 2022

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Also this year I am happy to publish my students’ works for Middle School Final Exams (8th grade). Starting from a topic on which the oral exam was based, each student sought a connection with art and its manifestations. As always, the real challenge is to think creatively around the works of art, interpreting the artists’ work according to a personal vision and communicating a message that refers to the main topic chosen by each student. The works were designed, agreed and started in the classroom, then each student finished his work independently. Here we see some stages of the work:

Below I publish the students’ works presented for the final exam. A special thanks to my students for the three years spent together: I wish you a life full of satisfactions! And always remember that beauty will save the world !!

Good luck for your future!


Cover of a Horror short story

Ceramic little house box


2 thoughts on “Final Exams 2022”

  1. Your students’ art work is amazing. The variety of subject matter, styles, and materials makes a very exciting exhibition. Bravo teacher and students!

  2. I really love your site. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful ideas. I teach “slower” students from Grade 7-9. And some years I also give the art lessons. How did you organize the final exams? How much time did the students get to produce these artworks? Or did they do it at home?.

    Thanks a lot and best regards from Bavaria


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