Photo Challenge: genres and perspective

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To review the last topics I propose a task to my 8th-grade students: a photo challenge whit pictorial genres and perspective. The task was to compose some pictures in a presentation grid (download the .ppt below). sStudents had to photograph a still life, a natural landscape, a portrait composed of objects, a work of art that they have seen somewhere or that they have in the house, and two types of perspective, one-point, and two-points.

The photos had to be inserted into a grid in the ppt presentation. My suggestion was to take original photos (and not copy them from the internet … so much I notice;)) and not to deform the photos to fit them in the assigned boxes, but to crop them to fit them in the boxes in an orderly and precise way.

Below is the presentation file that you can share with your students:

Here we are some student’s works:


Tassellation with Animals

Small Value Scale Landscapes with video tutorial


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