An extraordinary drawing course

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Having an artistic training, drawing “from life” has always been a challenge for me and a deepening of my skills, yet it has been a very long time since I have faced figurative drawings.

I took the opportunity to dive back into drawing by attending Liana Zanfrisco’s PowerDrawing course, done synchronously via Skype in small groups of students.

Her lessons made me rediscover the power of the gaze, the concentration of thought that she relies on her hand to draw. I took this course to acquire a method and a discipline that I have rediscovered as infallible, very profound and infinite in its possibilities. The wonder of the drawing that emerges from one’s own hands is always miraculous, like creating or freeing a world that needs your pencil to come to light.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to draw, who already knows how to draw, who feels “rusty” and who has always dreamed of starting. You can find the new courses on PowerSpringDarawing on Telegram, other info and contacts on Liana Zanfrisco’s blog or on the Facebook or Instagram pages (powerdrawing and Liana Zanfrisco).

The approach is based on the theories of Betty Edwards and her text “Drawing with the right side of the brain”, which I had bought and tried to follow, but which I had never faced on my own. Working with Liana Zanfrisco by attending her course, she made me experience and fully understand the method, with a very interesting didactic path, made up of small steps followed in presence.

The variety of people who attend the course makes it clear how drawing is truly practicable for anyone: this Teacher accompanies her students in a general path which then becomes more and more profound and personal.

With this post I want to thank Liana Zanfrisco and encourage anyone to throw themselves into drawing: you can learn

Below are some of the methodological steps of the course and some drawings:

esempi di disegni alla cieca
spazio negativo e positivo
disegni capovolti
disegnare con la luce
disegnare con l’inchiostro

Collaborative Chinese Dragon

Copying a portrait using the Grid Method


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