Cute or Scary monster?

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This activity is inspired by this nice video “How to draw a Scary Cute monster (Folding Surprise)”  ( For those of you who don’t know I suggest this interesting YouTube channel  Art for Kids Hub).  Students of grade 6th created their own little monsters that can be both cute or scary monsters, with a funny folding surprise. We followed the clear step-by-step instructions in the video that shows very well how to fold the paper and how to do the drawing.

We followed the video for the main steps, but we created some changes on the pictures and colors. On the blackboard I have drawn different shapes for the monsters, for their legs and heads. Some students added antennas, paws, ears and changed the shape of heads and teeth. Some students have drawn the monster in profile and with different colors. So, in your opinion, which is the cutest and which is the scariest monster?


Sketchbook 2019

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