Warm & cool watercolor: cities on the sea

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3 w&c watercolor landscape

After the lesson about warm and cool colors, we made these landscapes.
This painting is useful to learn all the possibilities of creating a wide range of warm and cool colors, just mixing watercolors.

To realize this painting with warm and cool colors, you need:
– drawing sheet
– pencil and ruler
– oil pastels
– watercolors and paintbrush
– black cardboard
– scissors and glue

You start drawing a line in the middle of a drawing sheet, that will be the horizon of your landscape.
On the top you draw a little sun and 10-12 wavy lines, some of them intersected, maintaining a horizontal layout (for the sky).
Underneath you draw other 10-12 intersected wavy lines, with a vertical layout (for the sea).
You redraw the lines with oil pastels, using warm colors for the sky and cool colors for the sea.
These lines will be a water-resistant contour for the watercolours.
You can paint every area blending the watercolours with water, and combining them in different hues.
While the watercolour is drying out, you draw the skyline with a pencil on the black cardboard, and then you cut it out with cutter or scissors.
When the painting is completely dry you paste the black skyline in the middle of your landscape: be careful to past it on the horizon, perfectly horizontal.







_DSC0492  _DSC0494






_DSC0686 _DSC0687

_DSC0688 _DSC0689

_DSC0690 _DSC0691

_DSC0692 _DSC0693

_DSC0694 _DSC0695

_DSC0697 _DSC0698

_DSC0699 _DSC0700

_DSC0696 _DSC0789

_DSC0787 _DSC0790


Final exam 2016

Sgraffito tiles: terracotta clay and white slip


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