Striped bottles: 3 worksheets

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Three worksheets with bottles and vases of various sizes, ready to be decorated. The images can be used in many ways: Here are four different proposals with the same subject, from which you can find other ideas. The topics that can be treated are the still life, the position of shapes in the space, the light and shadow (form shadow and cast shadow), the chiaroscuro, mixed media, color theory, zentangles …. Here you can find three printable worksheets with bottles small and large: a horizontal sheet with six medium-sized vases and bottles, and two sheets, each with two large upright bottles of different shapes. The different sizes can fit children of different ages. Below are four proposals for use of worksheets:

1st suggestion: bottles with colored stripes, mounted on a white sheet with a black background. You can experience the chiaroscuro, thinking about the arrangement of shapes in space, and then draw the cast shadows on the white surface.






2nd suggestion: bottles with light and shade in pencil, on colored backgrounds that highlight the lights and shadows. Here you can work on the correct arrangement of objects, and the choice of colors. For example you can do the background with colored cardboards in complementary colors, warm or cool … An alternative to carddboards may be to paint the background with tempera, as in the work that you can see here.






3rd suggestion: larger bottles placed vertically, colored with colored pencils and pasted on a collage background.



_DSC1474  _DSC1475

4th suggestion: Bottles in black and white, with their form shadows and cast shadows, drawn in pencil, on a background of zentangle drew with a black pen. Even here the variants could be many, the background may be colored rather than black, with zentangle colored on white ground, or with decorations made in white pencil on black cardboard.

_DSC1490  _DSC1492



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4 suggestion for a still life


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