Drawing inspired by Futurism: moving subjects

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The Futurists, in the earliest Twentieth century, considered the dynamism and movement as new criteria of universal beauty. With students of eighth-grade we have made these “futurists” drawings, starting from photos of an object or a moving figure.

The subject has been traced in its main contour lines with the help of a tracing paper, and then was copied on a sheet of drawing paper. The contour lines then have been “amplified” by tracing around the subject contour lines more widened, ranging expanding from the main figure. subsequently we drew some lines of force that prolong the main lines of the object to the ends of the sheet. The drawing has been colored with markers and pencils, freely. The goal was to give a sense of dynamism and movement to our drawing. Did we succeed?





























Contemporary Mona Lisa

Citrus fruits in complementary colors


4 thoughts on “Drawing inspired by Futurism: moving subjects”

  1. Love this technique to teach Futurism! Totally captured the sense of movement and dynamism, and the vivid colors add to the energy. Great work.

    • Thanks Lisa! My students surprised me! I thought would be difficult to explain the aim of the drawing and to be effective capturing the sense of movement in the drawing, but they did it! 🙂

  2. This project looks amazing!! I would love to try it with my 8th grade. What type of background information did you give them to start this project off? Dawn

    • Hi Dawn. I gave them some information about the aim and the intentions of the futurist artists. I showed them a lot of futurist paintings, especially those with the movement in the subjects as “Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash”, or “Rhythm of the Violinist” , or “Girl running on a balcony” of the painter Giacomo Balla. I showed them also some comics characters, and how the movement of bodies is drawn in the comics. I hope I helped you, for any further question, please, write me again. 🙂


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