Color theory: worksheets and video tutorial

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You can find the color wheel and some aspects of color theory in two worksheets in English language, ready to be completed with crayons. This work is suitable for pupils of grade 6th or for primary school, for a first approach to color theory. The color wheel can be completed entirely using only the three primary colors, and the students can clearly understand the mixing of colors without using paint or watercolors, but simply overlapping the colored pencils. Here is the video tutorial on the use of worksheets:

Another worksheet is about achromatic colors (black and white), warm and cool colors, with three small drawings to complete with these topics. Finally, a brief exercize about complementary colors and their position on the color wheel, that introduces the topic of the contrasts and the use of complementarity in art and visual communication. The worksheets can also be found in Italian here.

color theory worksheets

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_DSC0209color wheel: PRIMARY COLOR


_DSC0206 copia

_DSC0207 copia

_DSC0215color wheel: SECONDARY COLORS

_DSC0208 copia

_DSC0335color wheel : TERTIARY COLORS

_DSC0342 2





Create a Table Lamp

The color wheel star-shaped


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  1. Sono una insegnante italiana di arte ed immagine,mi interesserebbe avere i suoi fogli della ruota dei colori in italiano,ma kliccando sulla scritta “in italiano li puoi avere QUI”,non si apre nessuna finestra complementare…Come posso fare x averli??? Li ho stampati in inglese…Le lascio la mia mail …


  2. I used these before my middles started using tempera paint and it was excellent for teaching the basics and made it easy for all abilities to understand. I plan to use it again this year. Thanks for the resource and thanks for such a great source of cool projects and approaches! One problem: too many great ideas but not enough time!!


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