Symmetrical Name

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In 6th grade classes we have worked on the symmetry, by writing our name and by drawing it four times in a square shape. Also the colors are put in a symmetrical way, thus forming abstract compositions, balanced by symmetrical lines. For students, this was a fun exercise to learn how repeat a module in symmetrical way, and for me, another good opportunity to finally learn all the names of my new students!
















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2 thoughts on “Symmetrical Name”

  1. I love this! I need further instructions. The students do one section then trace? Then, how do they transfer the images to the next section?

    • Hi Cheryl! They used tracing paper to trace the first image with a soft pencil. Then they turn down the tracing paper on the second section and they re-trace the drawing. In this way you “print” the graphite on the white drawing sheet. You obtain a faint “print” drawing (look at the third picture, the student is retracing the drawing into the fourth section with a green felt tip pen, following the faint trace left from the “printed” graphite ). Let me know if the instruction is clear, I do apologize for my english… 🙂


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