Christmas cards on scraps of map

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Inspired by the works of Rachel Ann Austin, I realized some Christmas cards drawing on pieces of maps (white cardboard sizes 10x20cm, map scrap size 6x6cm).
To create a matte background I used Acrilyc Gesso applied with a spatula in a thin layer. The map should appear through the layer of plaster. When the plaster is dry I drew simple Christmas subjects with black ink (you can do it even with a black permanent marker), and I painted them with acrylic colors. Happy Christmas to everyone!


Printing with Packaging Foam Chips

6th place in the Art Ed Blog of the Year 2012!!!!


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  1. Adesso anche i filmati…sei davvero incontenibile! Dove le scovi tutte queste bellissime idee? Ho messo il link al tuo fantastico blog sul mio…spero non ti dispiaccia. un bacione Laura


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